Learn to surf with Mencos and friends
Surfing is the ultimate sport to give you a smile on your face, fun and satisfaction.
Catching and enjoying your first wave is an unforgetable experience.
Our surf lessons are taught by experienced local, child-friendly coaches. Batukaras is one of the best spots to learn surfing in Indonesia.
About him : He won the ISC ( Indonesian Surfing Championships) pro longboard competition, 2011 and 2012.
    He won ASC (Asian Surfing Championships) in Taiwan 2013.
    He won COAST THRU LIFE Single and unattached, Manila- Philippines 2016.
Boards : 5.8 and long board
Telephone : +62 8211 9870 766
E-mail : mencos.batukaras@yahoo.com

About him : He's a muso and a dad, graphic designer , loves kids, house design, gardening and cooking. He owns Villa Monyet.
Boards : 5.9 and 6.0
Telephone : +62 8226 0000 079
E-mail : nanaeatsbanana@gmail.com

  Cost of The Surf Lesson : Rp. 300,000/person.
For 1 hour lesson
(1 coach for 1 student)
  Location : Legok Pari Point Break  
  When : Best time to have the lesson is when it's low tide, the frequency of the wave is more consistent compared to when it's high tide.  
  Equipments : Longboard + leg rope and rash guard  
  You are allowed to use the longboard after the lesson is finished, use it to practise until 5 p.m.  
      If you want to practice by yourself without any coach for the next day , you can hire the longboard Rp.75,000/day.  
      There are plenty of choices to rent longboards, talk to us or you can go to the main surfboard rental place at the Point Break run by BSC (Batukaras Surf Club). The boards are owned by many surfers and the BSC organise the rental. Make sure the board has good leash, wax and not broken or ding so you will surf safely. Those boards are not covered by insurance, you break it and you pay for it. When you like a board, tell them you will keep renting it for the next day, the BSC's guys will put that board aside, otherwise somebody else will rent it.  
  Notes : We do not supply sun screen for the lesson, please bring your own!, everybody needs different kind of sun screen that suit the type of their skins.  
  If you have a go pro camera, the coach can take the video or pictures while giving the lesson.  
About the wave
Point Break (Legok Pari)
January to June:
Offshore winds. The Point Break is the main surfing and swimming beach, it's ideal for learning to surf, as the gentle right-hand breaks over a sandy bottom that rolls up to 400 metres. It is one of the best surf spot for beginner to surf in Indonesia. More advanced surfer can take off right at the point, it has nice tubes when the wave is on. And 100 metres from the point the waves become more mellow, it's perfect for long boarder. It works most of the year, low tide and mid tide. It becomes really mellow when it's high tide, but otherwise it is still perfect for beginner to practise. The Point Break is 10 minute walks from Villa Monyet.
July to September:
cross-shore winds, but some inside section of the Point Break is protected by the hills. Otherwise it's consistent big swells.
October to December:
offshore winds. The swell is relatively small, but otherwise it's still good small swell for beginner.
Surfing Children : Point Break (Legok Pari beach) is an ideal spot for children to learn to surf, as there are few rips, and waves are not too scary.
Reef Break (Karang)
January to June (mid July):
Offshore winds. The Reef Break is good for advanced surfers. It has fast walls that roll up to 150 metres. The Reef Break is in front of Villa Monyet, you can have tea or coffe at the the beach garden while watching the waves. Best time to surf at the Reef Break is when it's high tide. If you stay in the Ocean View Room at our place, you can check the Reef Break wave from the balcony, you don't need to get down to the beach from your bedroom.
Finding the Spots
Cruise with us
find the nice waves
when Batu Karas is too small


Batukaras Beach ~ Cijulang ~ Pangandaran
West Java ~ Indonesia. Post Code 46394
Telephone/SMS/whatsapp : +62 822 600 000 79
E-mail : villamonyet@y7mail.com
Contact Persons : Nana & Ian