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Welcome to Villa Monyet Java

We are surrounded by a lush green, organic flowering garden with beautiful views of the beach, Batu Karas bay, and the more distant mountains. We are the only accommodation in Batu Karas offering individual bungalows. It is just a throw stone to the beach, 1 minute walk to the Reef Rreak and 10 minutes walk to the main beach or The Point Break and just 5 kilometres away from the Green Canyon.

Located in the middle of an idyllic fishing and rice farming village, Villa Monyet is a place where you can relax by the beach, swing on the hammock, laze on the daybed, while reading your favourite books and explore Sundanese cultures. Or you can opt for something more adventurous, such as surfing, body rafting at Green Canyon, trecking, or cycling.

We are small hotel, 6 rooms in total. Our bungalows are inspired by traditional Indonesian architecture, using local building materials and Batu Karas' builders; the roof is made from alang-alang aka palm leaves sourced from the Green Canyon river, and woven into roofing by villagers from Cijulang. The alang-alang roofing is a favoured method of roof construction in West Java. The timber is sustainably grown and milled from a nearby, certified plantation, and the bamboo used througout the bungalows, is locally grown, and of course, one of the most sustainable building materials available.
For a taste of local culture try Villa Monyet's famous barbeque night. The way we eat is unique; nasi liwet or rice cooked in a traditional wok with special spices, is served up with the freshest, most succulent local barbequed fish, crabs and prawns on huge banana leaves at one long, single table. Everyone eats together, without spoons or forks, only hands, often fighting over the best part of the fish, or the last bit of sambal, just as monkeys do. That's why our place is called Villa Monyet. Enjoy the delicious food while watching the Batu Karas' youth playing gamelan or Sundanese music and you can practise to play the instruments with them.

Have a good day & keep our world green.

Villa Monyet Java

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73 traveler reviews
Che dire di Villa Monyet.....spettacolare!!!!Il personale sa' come metterti a proprio agio,veramente tutti simpatici e disponibili,organizzano anche delle meravigliose grigliate di pesce servite sul lungo tavolo coperto da foglie di banano! poi....Read more
“The friendliest place in the world”
A little slice of heaven. Run by the charming and hilarious Nano, Villa Monyet offers very sweet beachfront villa rooms, and an incredibly friendly, relaxed and fun atmosphere. Jam sessions with the local musos whilst swinging in a hammock as the sun goes down, delicious BBQ .....Read more
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We loved our time at Villa Monyet in Batu Karas, Indonesia. Nano and his staff were so inviting and generous. We learned to surf, cook Indonesian food and loved our day trip to the Green Canyon !
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